AAA 2014 Meeting

Music and Sound Interest Group, AAA 2014, Business Meeting  December 5th 2014, Washington, D.C.: 6:30-­‐8:15pm 


Minutes (submitted by Ellen Gray and Daniel Fisher, meeting slides prepared by Amanda Minks), 22 people in attendance


Ellen Gray (incoming convener) chaired the meeting, standing in for Amanda Minks (outgoing convener). Daniel Fisher took minutes.


EG introduces new convener Daniel Fisher and new co-­‐convener elect Kimberly Marshall. She  presents the meeting agenda.


EG notes that membership numbers are down slightly in 2014 from past two years 2013: 877, 2014: 682). She states that the conveners are not sure why this is the case. When renewing AAA membership be sure to check box selecting MSIG membership. EG underscores that membership costs nothing.


EG discusses website and list-­‐serv.  The website address is:


She encourages members to send information to the conveners about new research and publications and notes that there is a special section for featuring graduate student research.1 The MSIG is grateful for Sara Snyder’s work on developing and maintaining the website and to Amber Clifford for maintaining the list-­‐serv.

EG discusses the governance slide, and reminds members of the new governance structure. The MSIG has implemented a new format where each year a new  convener elect will be introduced (who will then serve for three years, becoming convener in the third year of service). She also notes that the MSIG will apply for renewal in March 2015 (this is a process that happens every three years for interest groups).


Discussion to issues of programming, calls up slide:

  • Discussion by EG of an AAA commitment for 2015 for at least one MSIG sponsored session. The MSIG should receive more information on this in January.
  • The MSIG endorsed panel for 2014 was “Musical Genealogies,” organized by Jonathan Glasser. The MSIG also endorsed the installation, “The Musical Embodiment of Identity in Contemporary Indigenous Communities,” organized by Kim Marshall.
  • Further encouragement to use the list-­‐serv.


1 Note the new email address (as of February 13, 2015) to contact the MSIG:

[email protected]


AAA 2014 MSIG Minutes 1

  • Call for further events to publicize for the current year’s meetings. Several attendees note events in DC of interest.


EG reminds members to check the box to join the Interest Group when joining AAA. She also notes that joining the interest group on registration does not automatically enroll members on the list-­‐serv.


Turns to discussion of New Business, calls up slide:

    • Anthropology of Sound and Music Symposium: The Society for Ethnomusicology and MSIG have a Wenner Gren proposal in process in relation to a collaborative workshop at SEM for 2016. This initiative aims to: 1) enable under-­‐resourced scholars (from economically peripheral countries) to participate; 2) build bridges and to extend communication networks between anthropology and ethnomusicology.
    • The MSIG conveners are thinking about possibilities for having a regular column in Anthropology News (online) and EG mentioned that there may be a call for an editor.
    • EG raised issue of sound quality in the AAA presentation rooms and the expense of sound patches.
    • The MSIG hopes to have a planned social hour for the 2015 AAA, possibly coordinated with a music event.


Kim advises of interviewing for an AAA promotional video in the works about AAA sound installations.


Steven Feld calls our attention to Ethnographic Terminalia,2 noting that the current directors of this project are interested in sound installation. Steven Feld and Rupert Cox did installations in 2012. This takes place in a gallery space (outside of the AAA hotel venue).


Carol Silverman reminds us of a Bulgarian community event in Maryland, live music performance.


Meeting concludes with introductions from attendees and further introductions from the MSIG conveners.

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