Current Officers


Daniel Fisher, Convener: [email protected]

University of California, Berkeley


Kimberly Marshall, Co-Convener

University of Oklahoma


Kristina Jacobsen-Bia, Co-Convener elect

University of New Mexico


Amber Clifford, MSIG listserv moderator: [email protected]


Sara Snyder, webmaster: [email protected]


Past Officers

Lila Ellen Gray, Convenor (2014-2015)

Amanda Minks, Convenor (2013-2014)

Carla Guerron Montero, Convenor (2010-2012)

Jerry Wever, Co-Convenor (2011-2013)

David Novak-Convenor (2009-2011)

David Samuels-Co-Convenor (2009-2011)

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