About MSIG

The Music and Sound Interest Group (MSIG) was formed in 2009.  After a successful informal gathering at the AAA meeting in San Francisco, the members of AAA submitted a proposal for the creation of a Music and Sound Interest Group.


Mission Statement

The Music and Sound Interest Group of the American Anthropological Association was formed in order to recognize and encourage anthropological research on music and sound. In particular, the Music and Sound Interest Group will represent a needed academic bridge to increase professional contact between anthropology and ethnomusicology.



In recent years there have been a number of important anthropological and ethnomusicological projects on music and sound, including ethnographies of musical experience, studies of aurality, musical performance and media, issues of listening and public soundscapes, technologies of broadcast and recorded sound, among others.

The growing literature on the anthropology of sound, as well as the emerging field of sound studies, represents an increasing number of social-science-related works on music and sound. In addition to providing a coherent space for discussing the growth of music and sound related work within anthropology, the interest group makes important contacts with other disciplinary locations and research orientations.


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