MSIG News and Requests

Volunteers to Create a Listserve

We are looking for volunteers interested in creating and running a listserve for MSIG.
Jerry and Carla are only able to send one message per month to the MSIG membership.
Clearly, this limits our possibilities for extended communication, and we hope to remedy this
limitation with a listserve.

If you are interested in contributing to MSIG in this matter, please do let us know!

Our new MSIG-SEM Liaison

As of last month, David Novak has been officially appointed the MSIG-SEM liaison.
He replaces John Chernoff, with whom he has been working closely to maximize our
effectiveness within SEM. David’s email is

Looking for Candidates for MSIG Co-convener

Carla will end her term as MSIG convener at the end of the AAA meetings in San Francisco.
At the business meeting, Jerry will become the MSIG convener, and we will appoint a new
co-convener. At this point, we invite any MSIG member to apply for the position of co-

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please send us a short email
message with a short paragraph indicating your research projects as well as the reasons for

your interest in this position. The deadline to send this information is November 1. Our
emails are and

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